PeekaBoo are Actions to retouch newborn photos for Photoshop CC (2013-2023), (they don’t work in previous versions). Make sure you have the CC version before buying; as it is a digital product: the money is not returned under any circumstances. Only for use in: English or Spanish Photoshop language.

During years, we have been developing our style when editing our photos. We wanted to enhance the colors of our backgrounds and props and make a unique style color.. To highlight the baby, and give that special touch to make them “ours”. Now, we want to share all these years of work with you. Take a look below on this page to see its wonderful features:

PeekaBoo is a Pack of 63 Actions that will help you edit newborn and baby photographs. They are divided in 3 groups:
SKIN: 11 Actions designed to edit the skin. It removes red, yellow and purple tones. Recovers highlights and soften shadows. Blurs the backgrounds, lights up the image or generates contrast… these are just some actions that you can find in this group.
COLOR GRADIENT: To create softness on your background. It doesn’t matter if you have worked on the wooden floor or the beanbag. It consists of 33 color fades ordered by tonalities to make your baby stand out.
FINAL EDIT: 19 Actions to give a touch of magic to your photographs. That final touch that will make it shine by itself.
The pack of 63 actions and sold together. They cannot be divided.

Now with a special price.

Important: PeekaBoo Actions are designed to change tones in skin and help to achieve a homogeneous color. They do not correct textures in the skin like: grains, dead skin…etc. We recommend you to use the Patch Tool to remove them.  We include a Pdf guide to help you install and run these actions. 

 The actions are the property of Le Photograph, which retains all copyrights and moral rights. The buyer has a license per person/business.

We accept credit card and PayPal 

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01 peekaboo actions 1049x700 - Peekaboo Actions (English & Spanish) 02 actions for newborn photographers 1049x700 - Peekaboo Actions (English & Spanish) 03 photoshop actions newborn 1049x700 - Peekaboo Actions (English & Spanish) 04 photoshop actions baby photographers 1049x700 - Peekaboo Actions (English & Spanish) 05 actions for newborn photographers 1049x700 - Peekaboo Actions (English & Spanish) 06 newborn presets for photoshop 1049x700 - Peekaboo Actions (English & Spanish) 07 newborn actions for photoshop 1049x700 - Peekaboo Actions (English & Spanish) 08 peekabook newborn actions 1 1049x700 - Peekaboo Actions (English & Spanish)

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